Zombie Hand Live Wallpaper

Zombie Hand Live Wallpaper


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Install this live wallpaper on your phone. And start judgment day, apokolipsys. The dead rise from their graves and zombies take over all planutu. Join away with terrible monsters and vampires. Spirit Halloween fly in the air. Set this terrible zombie hand, it will scare you day and night. Your friends will be delighted. Decorate your phone.
At night when the full moon in the sky, strange things can happen ... vampires, werewolves, Prince of Darkness, zombies - all these terrible creatures appeared grim when it comes to night!

Zombies - is alive, but not dead people, who are often met in Haiti? Are zombies - dead body without a reason and without a soul? Whether they are in the power of voodoo sorcerers who conquered them himself, seizing their soul? Relatives Zombie Ghoul is fast and deadly vampires. These wallpapers will be a wonderful decoration for your phone and Halloween. Make your friends Company demons, devils, hell monsters, cyclops and chimeras. Eyelashes, krovopyytsya, chimera.

Haitians believe in zombies, believe and fear. Do they really exist? For evidence of this is driven by many examples and practice voodoo indicates that Walking Dead - servants of the devil magicians. And even if creatures like zombies found, whether it is walking dead? Can anyone give a logical explanation for their strange condition of the body?

But why Haitians are so afraid of zombies? And what will happen to those who try to release their dead loved ones? Are there zombies? To answer these questions, it is necessary to turn to the past for Haiti and mainly to the beliefs and religious practices of voodoo.

There are actually three different types of zombies. They, like people in some way, and they are missing is crucial. Hollywood zombies found in zombie B-movie. Their distinguishing feature is that they are dead but reanimated. Haitian voodoo zombies are a tradition in Haiti. Their distinguishing feature, it seems that they do not have free will, and perhaps lacks soul. Philosophical zombies found in articles on philosophical consciousness. Their characteristics that determine that they have no conscious experience, but their behavior is identical to normal people. Zombies are one of the most popular creatures.

Voodoo - a unique combination of beliefs Africans, Native American, and European occultism. But the deepest roots - in Africa and coincides with the emergence of voodoo in Haiti arrival of a large batch of African slaves. This terrible period in human life began when Haiti had the Spaniards in the XVI century and experienced a flowering XVII, when the island of Haiti moved to France. Even today, despite the disapproval of the church, many who profess both Catholicism and voodoo.

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