Zombie Life Simulator 3d - zombie strategy games

Zombie Life Simulator 3d - zombie strategy games


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Have you got nerves? If you think so, then it's time to prove it; imagine yourself caught up in Zombie Tsunami!!! You're in the house of dead, and it's going to be lethal experience of yours. Don't undermine their strength; they are going to put you in an inevitable trouble. Only the few people on the planet have survived, at least until they run out of ammo or they learn how to stop them being pernicious. The only option you have left is to fight against these ravenous evils. Be a competitive survivor, face the deluge of zombies and undergo this fierce experience by downloading and installing this exciting game.

Were you waiting for zombie shooting games? Your wait is over now. Zombie Life Simulator 3D has been launched for you.

A special commando team was hired to head to the frontline and collect information before the army can open the counter strike – operation Apocalypse. Too bad everything went wrong; you are the only survivor on the route. There is no excuse for stupid mistake which may pay with your blood.

You are supposed to take your best shots to shoot away their heads or chop off their limbs to let them die slowly, kill them with creativity. Be cognizant of their every next move and keep your gun ready to bereave these zombies.

Intense games:
Are you in quest of intense games that involve crimson actions, and are tired of boring ordinary zombie shooting games? You have reached at the right address. This is the best game which is going to entertain you in every aspect. You are going to admit that it's the best game among all the other intense games you have ever played.

Zombie Kill:
Enjoy zombie slaughter in every way; bereave them of their lives by cutting their heads off or chopping off their limbs. You are going to enjoy this zombie kill a lot, because you will have copious of artillery available in Zombie Life Simulator 3D to fight against these deadly evils.

About Game Play:
Aliens are not present in this zombie life simulator 3d. All zombies are residing in a cool city where only some humans are left, all become zombie which are half dead. The rules are very simple - slay the endless resources waves of last zombies or have your brain eaten in the war.

You are given a chance to become adept zombie shooter, and learn the skills to fight against this disseminating creature at the time of zombie invasion. First of all, you will have to be a zombie catcher; act like a sentinel and keep your vigilant eye on each and every arriving zombie, and take a chance to eradicate this pernicious creature. Your battle may get protracted and you may get stuck in this invaded territory for more than expected time, but don't let this fact dispirit you, and bogged down before this vicious brute. Be alert and show the world that you can survive in the Evil dead environs.

Zombies has invaded this city and are ruling like royals; doing what they want to do with only one objective in mind; to KILL. Your battle against them is going to be precarious one, because their propensity to kill humans has reached to its pinnacle. They are extremely ravenous and are ready to attack on every human they see to fulfil their desire of devouring, so you cannot let them see your cravenness and give them courage to attack on you. Get yourself deeply indulged in this game, start shooting and make them loose their lives.

Dead Zombie Life Simulator 3D features:
- 4 Amazing Missions containing 5 to 10 tasks
- Zombie killing
- Fun Game
- Free Game
- Simple Controls
- Live the life of a zombie, try to compete with other zombies for brains and plan to survive the war
- Different people to attack. But who could withstand the one which is already dead?
- Upgrade zombie’s skills by killing last civilians and eating their brains
- Great zombie life simulator in 3D

You're going to enjoy this battle a lot. Install this game, play and have a quality time with yourself!
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