Zombify - Change into Zombie

Zombify - Change into Zombie


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Zombify - Change into Zombie is about transforming parts of your face into zombie.

Zombify - Change into Zombie has numerous frames of zombies and other undead themes. To become a zombie, select one of your favorite photos from the gallery or take a picture right away and put it in one of the amazing frames provided in the Zombify - Change into Zombie app.

After you have selected your photo, Zombify - Change into Zombie app allows you to rotate and re-size your photos.

With Zombify - Change into Zombie you can also edit your photos to enhance your presence on your photographs. Play around with the option to add various effects to your photos - see how these effects enhance your image in horrifying views of zombies with Zombify - Change into Zombie app.

We know you would love to show photos of yourself, where you are an undead zombie, to your friends and family, which is sure to blow their minds when they see you slowly turning into zombie, looking scary and frightening.
Zombify - Change into Zombie provides you with the option to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media sites.

Below are some of the features of Zombify - Change into Zombie.

** You have a vast collection of frames to adorn your photograph with.

** You have the option to select your photos from your picture gallery or you can take a picture right away. Try taking a selfie and putting it to one of the frames provided by Zombify - Change into Zombie photo editing app.

** You may rotate and re-size your pictures to get a perfect fit for your personalize zombie.

** You may add effects to your pictures. Use the effects icon in the side bar to add various effects to your photos.

Start using Zombify - Change into Zombie and start reshaping your face images into zombies. If you love a horror app, you will definitely love Zombify - Change into Zombie. Turn yourself into undead creatures, immortal, undead demons, dead demons, and what not!

If you have any comments for us to further improve Zombify - Change into Zombie, do not hesitate to rate the app or write a review for us. We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

The publisher has license for commercial use of all the images used in this app. For more details contact the publisher.

Enjoy Zombify - Change into Zombie.
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